It was another good week for the public, but clearly not as good as week 9.  Vegas tried to tempt us with some big lines like LA CHARGERS -10 vs SEATTLE, but the public sniffed that one out.  Whenever favorites with big spreads win, and win big (ie Green Bay, Chicago and New Orleans) the house takes it on the chin.

It’s still hard to put a lengthy run together, especially over several weeks, so making NFL picks in the World Series of Handicapping contest is still one of the most challenging thing you can do in a gaming contest right now.  Yes – it’s much more difficult than Daily Fantasy Sports.


To put things in perspective, I finished 5-2 this week, good for 7th overall for the week.  I’m fine with that result, and don’t regret any of my picks or where I placed them confidence wise.  Why Atlanta couldn’t seal the deal against Cleveland is beyond me, but it’s clear they have NO DEFENSE, and too many experts said New Orleans was due for a let down, having played in a multiple high stakes games recently against a Cincy team who would be desperate and coming off a bye.  Yes I fell for that narrative even though in my heart of hearts I know Drew Brees is playing out of his mind, even on the road AAAANNNNNDDDDD the Saints just have a different feel.  My point is that I finished 5-2 and seven fellow competitors had the same record and finished with lower points.  Two others had 6-1 records and finished with less points… too me that’s tragic but part of it.  You’ve got to get your confidence points right folks.


Props to pjs444 for finishing with a 5-1-1 record but more importantly being the top point getter for the week with 22.90 points. Including a SF pick that was begrudgingly made at a confidence level of one point.  It should be noted that ties get you ZERO points, but you don’t lose points either.  Hockey also finished with the same record but fewer points – My personal favorite PunchFaceJenkins who went brazen with four over/under outcomes predicted, also finished with a 5-1-1 record.  I think it takes stones predict an UNDER outcome in today’s NFL where all games are set up to be shootouts.  Oh Indianapolis why couldn’t you just score one point or hold Jacksonville to one point less.


Fred14 widened his GAP sporting an overall score of 80.50 points with a 12 point lead over Allredb1 who will not go gently into that good night.  It should be an epic showdown down the stretch, and if anyone else wants in on this action they had better start stringing together some major streaks.  I see ya PunchFaceJenkins creeping into third place… you have at least one fan!!  Everyone else is in the 40s or below… you’ve got some work to do.


See you at the end of the week.