World Series of Handicapping: Best of the Best

By PST Staff writer: JT Sneaks

Nov 9th, 2014

It is hard to believe that the NFL season is half way over. With just seven weeks left in the season teams are scrambling to do their best to make it to the post season. The same thing is happening in many elite football contests. One of those contests, and perhaps the best, is called the World Series of Handicapping. In order to win this contest you have to beat the best of the best by consistently picking football winners.

The World Series of Handicapping is known simply as WSOH, and it is easily one of the most difficult and challenging football handicapping contests on the planet. The goal is to have the most winners on the season. The eager entrant has to pick seven games every week and it could be a side or a total. They then have to assign a unit amount to their picks and then each week they hope to get the highest score. Making picks is not the hardest part. The hardest part is competing with the best of the best that have joined up to try and win the bling, a giant ring that is awarded to the winner each and every year.

Here is a quick look at the leaderboard as we look ahead to kickoff for week 10 in the National Football League. Currently in first place is Petro, a veteran of this tournament. Right now it looks as though he is running away from the field. He currently has an unreal record of 44-18-1 and +94.70 unit amassed on the season! That is unbelievable!

Natejacobson is in second place with a 40-22-1 record with +72.80 units and in third place is Enigma with a 37-25-1 record with +68.40 units gained. They are all chasing Petro and here are his picks for this week. The rest of the field got some good news on Thursday when the Bengals lost to the Browns. Petro lost his one unit selection and opened the door for other contestants to gain ground, but there are plenty of picks left in week 10.

Petro selections for week 10 are:

7 Units: New Orleans Saints

6 Units: Miami Dolphins

5 Units: Pittsburgh Steelers

4 Units: Green Bay Packers

3 Units: Buffalo Bills

2 Units: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1 Unit: Cincinnati Bengals (loss)

The WSOH consensus shows that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most popular play this week. A record number of entrants have the Steelers (11) to win this week. If the Jets pull off the win, the contest can be turned upside down! The season is winding down and now is the time for the best of the best to go for the big prize!