World Series of Handicapping: (Week 7)

World Series of Handicapping: Don’t Blink!

The NFL season is past the halfway point and for many teams in the league they have to come to the quick realization that they will not be making the playoffs. These losing teams can attempt to play spoiler and will look forward to the NFL draft. When you are in a premiere handicapping football contest, things are much different.

The World Series of Handicapping is one of the best football handicapping contests in the world. Also known as the WSOH, this contest will feature some of the best football forecasters on the planet. Unlike teams in the NFL, the season is never over and at any given time a sweep of the board can launch a player into the top of the leaderboard. Once at the top of the leaderboard there is no time to get comfortable or you can find yourself toppling down the standings wondering what happened.

That is exactly what happened last week in the WSOH. The top spot in the contest belonged to Petro, a savvy veteran of this contest and he looked like he was running away with this tournament and making room in his trophy case for the gigantic jewel encrusted ring that is awarded to first place. However after a dismal showing in week ten he fell down the leaderboard. Let’s take a look at the currents standings for the WSOH.

Currently in first place is the new front runner Enigma who took over the top spot from Petro and the rest of the field. Enigma currently has amassed 81.70 points on the season and has an impressive 42-27-1 record. The rest of the leaderboard is getting crowded as some of the best handicappers are making a case for the top spot. Natejacobson is in second place with a 44-25-1 record with +77.70 units and in third place is Whitey 19 with a 46-24-1-25-1 record with +76.30.40 units gained.

The aforementioned Petro has slipped all the way to the fifth spot in the standings behind Gambler 4 Life who is in the fourth place position. The title is still up for grabs and anyone can win!

Enigma is waiting to kick off to get in his picks but here are the picks for natejacobsen, who is in second place as we head into week 11.

7 Units: Green Bay Packers

6 Units: New England Patriots

5 Units: Kansas City Chiefs

4 Units: Houston Texans

3 Units: Over Denver / St. Louis

2 Units: Tampa Bay / Washington Over

1 Unit: Cincinnati Bengals

The WSOH consensus shows that there are several teams that are getting plenty of attention this week to include the Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. Anything can happen in this great contest so don’t blink as the season nears the end, this is going to be exciting!