World Series of Handicapping: Look at the Leaderboard (Week 8)

World Series of Handicapping: Look at the Leaderboard

The National Football League is near its midway point as week 8 kicks off this week with a loaded schedule to include a game in London featuring the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons. This schedule is going to be very tricky to navigate for the contestants of the World Series of Handicapping.

The World Series of Handicapping also known as the WSOH, is one of the most competitive football handicapping contests in the world. It takes a talented handicapper to enter this prestigious tournament and do all of the right things during a tough NFL season to walk away with the championship and the best trophy in any handicapping contest on the planet.

The talented football handicapper that finishes in first place will not only get the honor of being called the WSOH champion but they will also get the highly coveted first place prize; the WSOH ring!

Here is a quick look at the leaderboard as we look ahead to kickoff for week 8 in the National Football League. It is crowded at the top of the standings as not one handicapper has been running away with the competition.

Natejacobson is currently in first place in this tournament as he is clinging to a small lead. With a 34-14-1 record and +81.90 units earned he is just one unit ahead of the second place competitor which means he will have to sharpen his focus this week if he wants to stay on top.

His selections for week 8 are:

7 Units: Rams

6 Units: Texans

5 Units: Lions

4 Units: Raiders

3 Units: Saints

2 Units: Colts

1 Unit: Saints / Packers under

In second place is Petro, a defending champion of the WSOH is at it again. He has a stellar record of 35-13-1 and +80.70 units up to this point and is on the heels of first place. He has been in this spot before and knows how to pick winners.

The WSOH consensus shows that many handicappers were tripped up on Thursday night when they took the San Diego Chargers plus the points, which failed to cash in. Seven handicappers made the Bolts their top play in the contest, which means we should see some shakeup in the standings this week. The two other popular teams this week are the Indianapolis Colts over the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night football. Six handicappers have made the Packers their best pick of the contest while six others have picked the Colts as their top selection.

There is only one thing that we do know about the WSOH right now, it’s going to be fun to watch who emerges as champion!