This was a rough week for the field, and I can just offer one constructive criticism it would be … come on people… don’t let Vegas push you around like that – someone in this World Series of Handicapping contest needs to get at least 6 wins every week.  It’s one thing not to finish 7-0  but not have anyone finish 6-1 means we got throttled this weeks.  When 4-3 nets you the fifth highest score of the week that’s bad.

When PunchFaceJenkins picks Philly on the road against New Orleans … that’s bad, and when Fred14 finishes with 8.20 points and increases their lead … that’s also bad, so again league we have got to get better.  It may be time for you to switch up your strategy.  You have only five weeks to make your move…. I am 70 points behind the leader and have finished in the black for 4 weeks in a row, and I’m still losing ground.

Someone in the league is always hot – and it’s up to everyone else to rise up.  You’re not going to bring them down… they can do it to themselves, so all you can do is bring the funk.  Let’s hand out some props.

Props to Klock13 for being the standalone winner of week 11.  Congratulations – you get absolutely nothing  for your efforts and even if you were 7-0 you still would’ve received nothing because you are not a WSOH member.  Both Klock13 and week 12 runner up icecapper rightfully picked Detroit, Jacksonville and Denver.   I think the Denver pick is extra ballsy – but not as ballsy as identifying 7 games on the slate and trying to go head-to-head with Vegas by betting on game outcomes, which both our top dogs did.  I feel like picking 7 games straight up against the spread is next to impossible, which has been proven time and again, and I’m a huge proponent of identifying some angles by picking 1-3 games and what their total scores are going to be.

OVER/UNDER is still ignored by many competitors but there are games that are speaking to you.  Look at injuries, weather, game flow, and metrics, you can find some games that will seem like no brainers.  I lean towards the over because it’s the NFL and these games have been intentionally geared towards increasing offensive output.  All the more reason to give props to both Klock13 and icecapper.


Fred14 has opened up an 28 point lead over Allredb1… which could vaporize in a week’s time.  If the past predicts the future, this would take a couple of weeks to narrow down.  Everyone else however has some work to do including yours truly.  I do think Fred14 is in prime position to now be conservative, while everyone else if winning is the goal will need to take some calculated risks…. Do your research, listen to your trusted source and most of all,  trust your instincts.