By Des Boodam of


Many of you are feeling good about the upcoming week based on the your results last week World Series of Handicapping-7 NFL football contest.  I want to caution you that these two weeks were different from each other while also being mutually exclusive.  Vegas lost them selves as there was  a lot money lost, because the field likes favorites and of course favorites won.  Some of you will take your foot off the pedal assuming you’ve finally found your groove.

You still have to put in the research here folks.  Take nothing for granted and know this is a cruel game.   Currently I am the victim of over thinking and my record reflects that as I’m costing shuffling games around.  Don’t be that person…. Operating on the fly will cost you dearly and a bad week this time of year could sink you.  The weekly consensus picks piece is really, just to get your fantasy bearings after a long week at work.

Make use of this and others as you see fit.  Let’s take a look, because the first game is going to be a killer for a lot of people.


I usually stay away from divisional matchups because these teams know each other so well, and a couple of bad bounces can really screw it up for you.  Even if the Chargers win by two scores a late garbage time TD could take a 17 point lead to a 10 point lead and mess you up.  I do happen to think that the Chargers are better in every facet of the game and will dominate the Raiders.  But I caution against the trap, and wouldn’t put this at a seven point confidence level.


This game fits better into my theory on betting divisional matchups.  I think the Rams are just looking for a win after what happened in New Orleans.  This is a let down game, and though they will still win, they won’t be nearly as explosive doing it which is fine with the coaching staff.  Never count out Russell Wilson and his ability to put points in bunches.


This one seems like a no brainer.  The Browns defense has become a bit of problem, but not bigger than the issue they have with Baker Mayfield.  A lot of people, some even respectable believe Mayfield is the right choice, but I can’t explain how Jarvis Landry caught 10 TDs last season with a back up QB while catching only two this season.  David Njoku averaged 7 targets per game this season and didn’t have a single target last week… and that’s not game flow people… the Browns are bad and Atlanta will cover.


Lot’s of big spreads out there this weekend, and I’m seeing that Vegas is really stretching it out which is good after the shellacking they took in Week 9.  I think the Packers dominate this game on both sides of the ball.
Good luck gamers – the World Series of Handicapping  Championship is just around the corner.