World Series of Handicapping: Week 13 Picks

World Series of Handicapping: Down to the Wire

The one thing that is certain in the National Football League this season is that nothing is certain. Anything can happen on any given Sunday and this week had a unique twist with three games on Thursday to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. If you are in an NFL contest the short week could make things very difficult because you could have to get in all of your picks by Thursday. If you are in a very prestigious football handicapping contest than it could be even harder.

The World Series of Handicapping is one of the most sophisticated and challenging football contests. Also known as the WSOH, this contest challenges a very talented field of handicappers to select seven winners on a weekly basis. Then they have to apply a “unit ranking” to each pick from one to seven and the handicapper with the highest total at the end of the season will win the very shiny and highly coveted ring. This sparkly trophy covered with bling is on the line this season as handicappers scramble to finish the season on a high note.

Currently in first place is Whitey 19 who boasts a 55-28-1 record and has collected 106.20 units on the season, the only handicapper who is over 100 units on the season. Enigma has a 51-32-1 record with 89.40 units gained and is holding on to second place and Natejacobson is in third place with a 51-31-2 record with +86.50 units gained.

This race is far from over as many handicappers are still within striking distance. All eyes will be on the leader and his picks for this week. This week Whitey 19 took a shot on a few of the Thanksgiving picks, a decision that could come back to haunt him when the week is over.

Here is a look at his picks heading into kickoff for this week.

7 Units: Cowboys vs. Eagles OVER

6 Units: Miami Dolphins

5 Units: Cincinnati Bengals

4 Units: Patriots vs Packers Over

3 Units: Arizona Cardinals

2 Units: Washington Redskins

1 Unit: Chicago Bears

The WSOH consensus reveals the most popular picks of the week in the contest. This week several of the picks that are getting plenty of attention up to this point may not be surprising. The New England Patriots are getting picked often over the Green Bay Packers, the Denver Broncos are heavy favorites over the Kansas City Chiefs, but they are not the most selected game this week. That privilege belongs to the New York Giants who play against the Jacksonville Jaguars. These picks will be watched by all of the contestants in the WSOH as they race for the ring and the right to be called champion!