World Series of Handicapping: Fight For First

By Staff Writer:

As the regular season of the National Football League comes to an end, each and every week a team will be eliminated from playoff contention. This makes every week vital for teams that are hoping to go to the playoffs. The same thing can be said for the World Series of Handicapping, one of the premier football handicapping contests in the world.

The World Series of Handicapping is one of the most refined and interesting football picking contests where entrants have to pick seven selections on the week. They then have to label their picks from strongest to weakest and assign each selection with a unit. Their best selection is listed with seven units and their lowest with one unit. This makes this contest very challenging and difficult to win. It also allows for the leaderboard to adjust drastically based on one winning or losing week. That is exactly what happened last week in this highly regarded contest.

A week ago Whitey 19 was in first place all alone with an incredible accumulated point total of over 100 units. This week a quick look at the leaderboard shows that no entrant has over 100 units. Whitey plummeted five spots down the leaderboard as he went 0-7 and dropped 30 units on the week. That is just one example of how quickly things can change in this tournament. Although Whitey dropped dramatically he still has a chance to get in the money with a few weeks left in the contest.

Currently in first place is Enigma who has a 55-35-1 record and has collected 98.50 units on the season. Trailing behind Enigma is newcomer Richs Picks who has a 53-31 record with 88.20 units gained and Natejacobson remains in third place with a 54-35-2 record with +85.10 units gained.

This is going to be fun to watch as many handicappers are just a 6-1 week away from skyrocketing up the leaderboard. They are all in a race for the ring to try and get that bling.

Richs Picks may be a newcomer to the top three but he is hoping to take over first place with these solid picks for week 14. He looks good already this week hitting early picks on Thursday night football.

7 Units: Indianapolis Colts

6 Units: Dallas Cowboys

5 Units: Green Bay Packers

4 Units: Dallas/Bears Over

3 Units: St. Louis Rams

2 Units: Houston Texans

1 Unit: Minnesota Vikings

The WSOH consensus reveals the most popular picks of the week in the contest. This week one of the picks that is getting plenty of attention is the Indianapolis Colts on the road over the Cleveland Browns. As or right now seven entrants have made the Colts their top pick for the week.

This is going to be a tight race to the finish but only one player can win the ring and be named the WSOH Champion!