Des Boodram



It’s never too late to make a run in the WSOH contest, not because you always have a shot to win, but because there is a weekly incentive each week.  If you are willing to put in the work, pay attention and consider moderate research you will be rewarded.  After nice seeing your name rocket up the standings, and I could imagine it would be satisfying to see your name at the top of the leaderboard on a given week… even if you didn’t max out… we are after all egomaniacs.

Props of the week goes to xfirejects, who only missed one pick in Week 5 while cruising to a 25.90 point week making up over 16 points on the leaders, which in this game is astronomical.  The Chargers, Chiefs, Dolphins, Eagles all covered and won outright and both the Green Bay/Dallas and SF/Indy games hit the over allowing xfirejects to cruise.  They nailed it by definition with an expected slip up in the game they only assigned a confidence value of one to.   They were as close to perfect as one could be with a pesky Carolina team going to Detroit and putting up more points than what Matt Stafford was willing to make up for in the fourth quarter.

An otherwise pesky Detroit defense that lead the league in turnovers made Cam Newton look like Warren Moon.  It’s safe to say that xfirecjects likely agonized over this one, and had a bunch of other options they will regret not taking for the rest of the week… 7-0 is truly a quest not easily contained.

If you were wondering, yes the Week 5 leader went with the chalk, which was San Diego to cover at New York, which this guy said wouldn’t happen.  Only four of the top five point scorers this week even had that game on their card, so there’s a good chance those numbers leveled out on Saturday and early Sunday..

Madcow1120 is easily holding on (for now) with a just under 13 point lead averaging better than a 4-3 record each week.  Seems pretty easy right??  It’s not, and Vegas likes it that way.  One time leader Elroysports holds a spot in the top five while past week leaders like Faolchu have faded outside the top 10.  This isn’t to imply anyone in the top 50 has no chance of winning, it’s simply to call out how easily competitors can rise and fall from grace.  What about xfirejects?  Outside the top 60 with a score of  -28, but only 88 points back.

There are 12 weeks left in the season, and plenty of time for the mighty to fall, and the mediocre to make a meteoric rise.  Anything can happen, and there’s no better time to buckle down and make a run this week.  Pay attention to whose playing when and where, there were a bunch of high impact and even line-moving injuries last week that will impact outcomes this week.

Get ready for Week 6 and take some time this week to play Red Flush Mobile, by downloading the latest version of their casino style games. See you in a few days.