World Series of Handicapping: Week 5

The World Series of Handicapping is one of the most exciting football handicapping contests in the world. It is a combination of the best professional and amateurs football pickers gathering all in one place to flex their muscles and compete all season long. It may just be week five in the National Football League, but it has become very clear that the race for the ring is going to be a dog fight to the end!

If you are not familiar with this prestigious tournament, here is a quick breakdown. The World Series of Handicapping (also referred to as the WSOH) is a football picking contest for anyone who believes they have enough skill to correctly predict the outcome of NFL games. All contestants select seven NFL games each week and are allowed to pick a side and or a total. They then will assign a unit value for each selection and then they are graded accordingly. The last man standing with the highest amount of units recorded will be the winner and claim the ring! The giant ring is the most coveted trophy in sports handicapping!

A quick look at the recent leaderboard shows just how talented the field for this year’s contest truly is. Once again for the fifth time in five weeks there has been a change at first place in the WSOH.

Natejacobson is now in first place alone with a remarkable 21-7 record to start the season. That quick start has garnered +59.50 units on the year and the top spot in the contest, but he should not get too comfortable. Last week the top spot was owned by Oakly who would like to return to the perch. Oaky also has an identical and impressive record of 21-7 but only 57.40 units. That is still an impressive number but not enough to claim the top spot. These two have a firm hold on the top two spots in the WSOH as the current third place position Gwiz has a 19-9 record with just 38.50 units earned, nearly 20 units behind second place. Enigma and dambro1989 round out the top five with 38.50 units tied with gwiz for the third spot.

Here are the picks for Week 5 in the NFL from the current leader natejacobson:

  • 7 units: Patriots
  • 6 Units: Texans
  • 5 Units: Rams
  • 4 Units: Under in Detroit/Buffalo
  • 3 Units: Ravens
  • 2 Units: Bears
  • 1 Unit: Falcons

A quick look at the WSOH consensus shows that one of the most popular picks of the today is the Cincinnati Bengals who have received seven picks as a seven unit play for this week. This contest is only getting better and better and it will be another great week!