World Series of Handicapping: Week 4 Contest Picks

The World of Series of Handicapping is getting exciting to watch as the world’s top handicappers are competing for the most coveted prize in any handicapping contests; the ring!

For those of you that don’t know, the World Series of Handicapping (also known as the WSOH) is a football picking paradise type of contest for those that enjoy predicting the outcome of NFL games. All contestants select seven NFL games each week and are allowed to pick a side and or a total. They then will assign a unit value (from one to seven) for each selection and then they are graded accordingly. At the end of the NFL season, the handicapper with the most points wins!

Heading into week four of the season we have had yet another change at the top of the leaderboard. Currently only one person owns first place in this prestigious contest. Oaky is in first place with an incredible 16-5 record on the season with +46.20 units gained. Nate jacobsen is in second place with an identical 16-5 win/loss record, but he has 42.00 units gained, which shows just how important it is to assign your units to your best bets. The next three spots on the leaderboard are occupied by JActis, allredb1, gwiz and QB King. All of those contestants have a 14-7 record on the season, although the units won vary. QB King, who was in first place last week, still remains in striking distance heading into this week.

This week the WSOH consensus is filled with plays that have attracted more picks than any other. The Green Bay Packers are playing the Chicago Bears this week and 11 entrants have made the Packers their seven unit play. The Atlanta Falcons play the Minnesota Vikings and they are also a very popular play for week four in the National Football League. 11 contestants have chosen the Falcons as their best bet of the week making two road teams the top picks in the WSOH this week.

The current leader, Oaky is one of the many entrants that have taken the Green Bay Packers (-1.5 ) as his best bet.

His picks for this week are as follows:

  1. Green Bay Packers -1.5 (7 units)
  2. Jacksonville/San Diego OVER 44.0 (6 units)
  3. NY Jets +1.5 (5 units)
  4. Minnesota/Atlanta OVER 46.5 (4 units)
  5. San Francisco -5.5 (3 units)
  6. Dallas+3.0(2 units)
  7. Minnesota +3.0 (1 unit)

He hopes for another big week so he can stay in first place.

Anything can happen each and every week in the WSOH so look for weekly updates as the chase for the ring is on!