World Series of Handicapping: Week 3 Contest Picks

By WSOH Staff Writer: JT Sneaks

If you are going to compete and try and win a football picking contest like the World Series of Handicapping you better do your research. After all there is plenty on the line. If you can win the championship not only will get you get the title of WSOH Champion, but you will get the bling! A HUGE ring that tells the world that you are the best at handicapping football games and picking winners! It may be just week three in this contest, but the cream is rising to the top and there are some talented football handicappers already showing off their skills!

The leaderboard is littered with familiar faces and some great records. Sitting all alone at the top is QB King who has amassed a 10-4 record with an amazing 32.90 units earned. A familiar name is in second place as Petro is coming in next with an 11-3 record and +30.80. He is tied with aardvarksports who has the same exact record and units won. That is what makes this contest so difficult to win.

QB King is in first place but he has one more loss than the teams in the second place slot. It shows just how important it is to put the right amount of units on your selections. When you place your picks in this great contest you get to pick seven games and assign units to each game. The game that gets seven units assigned is your best bet and needs to be a winner if you want to be in contention for the ring!

Want another example of just how difficult this contest is? Only 48 entrants have a positive record! One look at this competitive leaderboard will show that many of the talented handicappers that have entered this contest do not even have a winning record!

The WSOH consensus for week three shows that several teams are very popular leading up to the kickoff of this week. The Indianapolis Colts are big favorites over the Jacksonville Jaguars and they are one off the most popular picks of the week as 12 handicappers have made them a seven unit selection. They are closely followed by the New Orleans Saints who are playing the Minnesota Vikings this week looking for their first win of the season.

In week 3 the leader QB King has made the Buffalo Bills his top choice. Followed by the under in Cincinnati for six units, Giants for five units, Under in New Orleans for four units, Jets for three units, under in Cleveland for two units and Over in Pittsburgh for one unit.

QB Kings Picks

  • Buffalo Bills -2.0
  • Tennessee/Cincinnati UNDER 43.5
  • NY Giants +2.5
  • Minnesota/New Orleans UNDER 51.0
  • NY Jets -2.5
  • Baltimore/Cleveland UNDER 42.0
  • Pittsburgh/Carolina OVER 41.5

Stop by every week to see the latest leaderboard and who is on pace to become the WSOH champion!